FAQ /Interactive Nano Blackborard

Q:Will the touch screen become hot after switching on for long period of time?
A:No, The glass on the surface of the blackword had been improved, and the power is lower now (even lower than LED lightbulb in some house), therefore it will not be too hot. Also, on the two side there is writing blackboard where there isn’t LED screen on it, and it helps releasing the heat.

Q:Will there be scratches that can’t be removed after long period of time?
A:Our blackboard has been approved by 《JC/T 2130-2012 移动电子产品视屏盖板玻璃》which is a certificate for anti-scratching. We use tough AG glasses and there won’t be any scratch with the scratch machine, water-soluble chalk or stylus pen scratching continuously for 50,000 times.

Q:How do we install software if the teacher needs it?
A:The operating system is Windows which means it is possible to download and install any software, there are also several built-in USB ports so that would be another way to install software.

Q:What writing style does the blackboard support?
A:The Nano Blackboard support writing with chalk, whiteboard pen, stylus pen and writing with fingers.

Q:Is it possible to wipe the blackboard with water?
A:Yes, usually the blackboard could be cleaned by using an ordinary blackboard brush, it is also recommended to use a wet cloth to wipe the blackboard every week. The functionality of blackboard would not be affected because our blackboard is water-resistant

Q: What is your advantage?
A: 1. Direct factory, strong R&D team, customize as your request available.
2. European Quality,dust-free workshop meeting ISO9001 Sytem. All product with CE, RoHS, FCC certificated.
3. 24 hours after-sale service, ensure solving your problems earliest.

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