FAQ /Infrared Touch All-in-one Machine

Q:How long is the response time of touch all-in-one machine?
A:Currently, FNBELL touch all-in-one machine adopts the latest generation of nano touch film, which can realize precise touch and real-time response while the touch response time is controlled below 4ms.

Q:Does all-in-one machine require debugging and testing after purchase?
A: It only needs to be connected to the power, and no further settings are required.

Q:Does FNBELL provide training on how to use their products?
A:Definitely, in order to enable users to grasp the product usage rapidly and comprehensively, FNBELL has trained a professional training team, to provide product training for agents, integrators and terminal users.

Q:What are the advantages of all-in-one machine comparing with other companies?
A:First of all, the two are different in terms of its touch principle. Nano touch all-in-one machine employs the nano touch technology, an improved projection-type mutual capacitance technology. It features the advantages and functions of infrared touch technology, as well as its own additional advantages such as water-proof, anti-hitting, dust-proof, ultra-thin, flat, etc. Secondly, in terms of lifespan, the core component of the nano touch all-in-one machine is sealed in, and covered by a strong tempered glass, it has a long life span of ten years; while infrared all-in-one machine has outer frames, but with grooves, of low environment tolerance, and its lifespan lasts for about 5 years.

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